A Poem by Galaxygirl – Spiraling Mist, April 9th, 2018


Per Staffan April 9, 2018

Galaxygirl channeled texts

Spiraling Mist, a Poem by galaxygirl 4-8-18

Spiraling mist 4/8/18

Spirals spin, plans unfurl

Dizzying in changing patterns

Thoughts and dreams rearrange

To make way for the higher priorities;

For that which once excited me

The house, the car, the ring,

Now seems like more of a hassle to keep track of

And it interests me no longer.

I cry when the child sponsorship programs play

I cry even longer when I think about all of the aid lost on its way

And all of the secrets behind this,

And it revolts me.

And it makes me stronger in my resolve

To be the angel for the have nots

And to provide whatever they need

Quietly and invisibly, as long as I have breath.

For I see God in the children

And I want the God in me to be delighted in the serving

For we are healed when we serve

And our hearts begin to sing our love song and find our purpose

That had been buried in the noise of 3D fog.

I saw the fog today;

The mist heavy with the unhappiness of the human collective

And it hung heavy like murky swirls

That could not be defined;

And as I looked at it and through it

I saw the particles begin to dissipate

And to shimmer and move further apart

And dance in the light

And become the happiness humanity has been seeking all this time.

It was a shock for me for I had not yet become still for the the global meditation

And this was the message today

And I see all of the swirling changes and of light and love and laughter finally embracing us as we become our higher selves, no small feat.

May we have all the help we can get

For this transmuting is heavy to bear

And the truth of the depth of the lie

Even harder to endure.

Fractals, unite!

Let us create Nova Gaia here, Now

And let us become angels in the process,

Christ’s hands and feet.

And I’m grateful for this experience, yes, and exhausted from it, and ready for the new!

Many are not and I see this in the deaths all around,

Of Aunts and parents‘ friends and patients expiring –

People who want to see the wave from the other side

For that is their way to become their angel.

And I get it, that all of us are different, unique in our pain and life streams

And all experiences enhance the wisdom of the Human Collective

And it is high time that we see this truth with our hearts

For the value in each of us is unlimited

And together we are unstoppable.

Let us rise as one

Let us usher in the wave, the breath of the Mother,

And allow it to consume and caress away the swirling mist of unhappiness and lostness

And in so doing we will find our true selves

For when our hearts are unveiled

~ and we truly see ~

We will be blown away at the joy found there!

So friends, let us join hearts and hands

With loved ones passed on and with those open hands around us

And truly see that we are not alone

For we are together in spirit, in resolve

And one in purpose

The heartbeat of the Christ,

Bridging the realms,

Enveloping all in pink~gold~white~rain

Swirling mist of unhappiness no more,

Transmuted into bliss, into oneness.

~ galaxygirl