The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light


The control grid is coming down but what part will you play it’s downfall?

Lia Shapiro channels the (pleiadians), bringing New Messages of Hope, Light and Spiritual Growth.

Accelerate Your Evolution now by opening yourself up to … Nordics – (pleiadians) The (pleiadians) are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades. …

The (pleiadians) reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth, … (pleiadians).

The (pleiadians) are alien beings from the star cluster in the constellation Taurus known as the Pleiades.

Barbara Marciniak claims The (pleiadians) are said to resembloe humans in form. (pleiadians) are extra-terrestrials whom originate from the planet Erra.

Pleiadian Aliens have a unique The Pleiadian Times Newsletter Barbara Marciniak and the (pleiadians).

Books … The Pleiadian Times.

Feel free to read the following articles from a sample issue of The Pleiadian Times: The (pleiadians) Book – A Collection of Channelings “The (pleiadians) Book” doesn’t exist as regular book with ISBN, it’s a collection of texts Don Showen posted to Usenet-News.

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Pleiadians live on thousands of isles (planets) not just Erra. Where do these people get their information? Line Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe, The White Winds, Flagship of the Outer Pleiadian Fleet. For instance, I was raised on the Isle of Maubene and that is only ONE Pleiadian isle.

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    1. Hi Eliza, this transmission was created back in 2012, I remember when I first heard it it was very strong and it triggered an awakening in me to seek out more consciousness of these topics of the Pleiadians, the wars, the dark forces who manipulated the human dna and on and on.

      For those who are newly awakening this may be helpful or it may not. There is full disclosures, landings, contacts being overlighted by our Pleiadian ancestors, relatives who are assisting Gaia/Humanity/Lightworkers for ascension.

      I am not at liberty to share anything about the fleets this would require some discernment and my question would it be for the highest good to know these things you asked?

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  2. Skye Pennington says:

    Videos creations such as this with no credit given to the original channeler are just incredibly wrong. The bulk of this message is from The Bringers of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. Credit should be given where credit is due. Your reposting increases the dishonor given. I also fully agree with Eliza. Post facts not fiction. Common sense alone would tell you Pleidans live on more than one planet. What you “received” was obviously not from them. You need to practice discernment with your “transmissions”.

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    1. Thank you Skye for your message I resonate with your perspective. Namaste 🙏🏿

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    2. I knew that this message would be a shock to some and perhaps something else to others, you like those who shared in their comments have a unique perspective which I really appreciate without judgement, these are messages, and if you receive the messages and not be so concerned with the messenger you will have gained a new level in your own ascension path. Lets not shoot the messengers! For we all are just that messengers!!!

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