We are the Crystal Kingdom – We transmute with ease and grace let us ease this along for you.

Crystal Kingdom 5/2/18

We are the Crystal Kingdom. Can you begin to hear the hum of the creation song as we vibrate and come online? Yet, we are existing just out of reach etherically and also tangibly in your physical realm. We are the Crystal Kingdoms and we exist in all shapes and colors and sizes, yet we are all the same, of the same breath of the Mother, of the creative essence of the light, here to serve the All. Just as you, humanity are of all different creeds, colors, religions, backgrounds, economic experiences; whatever your essences may be, we assure you, if you but stop and be still and remember, you will see each other through the eyes of a brother, a sister, and realize that you are all the same, of the same ‘star stuff,’ of the same creative force, and realize you are all one. You are all one gigantic heartbeat. You are all one cosmic web of laughter, of joy, of sorrow, of pain. You are all of these things.


We crystals transmute. We recalibrate. We help repurpose the lost energies that stick and defy. We transmute with ease and grace for we are all but a varied frequency of the creation of Source, and it is our joy and our pleasure to connect deeply with humanity at this time of intimate recalibration. Many of your emotions are rocky, are up, are down, for you are recalibrating. Let us ease this along for you. Carry us in your pocket, near your heart and allow us the privilege and pleasure of serving the collective of humanity, doing what we do best. Charge us in the moonlight of the Mother’s rays, on the dewy grass with our crystal friends. We love this. We can send our encodements received into our friends and families deep into Gaia’s heart space and revitalize her heartbeat, and renew the others of our family, the Crystal Kingdom.

We are everywhere. We are under your feet, we may be on your ring finger. And you, humanity, are too becoming crystalline! Have you thought about this? This means that you will be able to resonate much higher, of a more purified vibration of light and of love, of the breath of the Mother of all things. The gamma light codes are powerful. Let them into your developing chrysalis and become the crystal butterflies of newness of form that awaits you just over the edge of what you can see. Crystals form in the heat, in the pressure of the earth. So too human friends have you been forming your own crystalline bodies in the heat and the pressure of this new time of formidable change, of newness and of new creation, of new things. For Source is always expanding and you friends, are Source light wrapped up into human form, for but a time. And then you will go and do something else. But for now, for this moment, you are here. Work with us. We long to offer our protection, our support and our renewing powers. Be comforted. Be at peace. For now, in this moment we send you our vibration of peace this day. We are the Crystal Kingdom.

Source: GalaxyGirl

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